After looking through an Auto & RV one Friday, Michael was looking at a couple of race cars.  Lon spoke up and said “If you get a car, I’ll help you!!”  The rest is HISTORY!

After finding an old “turnkey” car, we began our journey.  I put turnkey in quotes because this car was no where near safe to put on a track.  We worked over 7 weeks adding safety bars and getting the car race ready.  The motor was a 358 that was VERY short on power, but a great starter car.  With this car, Michael was able to win Rookie of the Year and OVERALL Rookie of the Year at Kamp Motor Speedway.

In the second year, a larger motor was a necessity.  So we had a 383 professionally built for the car.  Bobby also recommended to change the car up to make it “Look Good” and different than anyone else.  So Lon found some fenders off of a 04 Monte Carlo and we ordered the 04 nosepiece.  The pictures on the slider are this car and it is the 2008 car.  We ran into many problems as we broke 4-5 rear ends because the 10 bolts couldn’t handle the power.  We searched for a 9 inch rearend, but couldn’t find any narrow enough.  When we finished races, we didn’t run too bad, but the car was still not handling like it should.  This car was sent to the grave on the night of the Mechanic’s race.  After 4 successful hot laps and a great qualifying session, Bobby listened to Michael about taking corners(Bad Idea).  Michael told him if it doesn’t turn, don’t let off the accelerator as it will come around………..  HELLO TURN 2 WALL!  The season is over.

This year we had a completely brand new car built from Hurst Welding and Fabrication.  We ordered everything new for the car from the brakes to the tachometer.  A few parts had to come from the old car, but for the most part, it is all new.