Survey for the SPEEDWAY in Benton County

Posted on Friday, 22nd November, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

Would you like to give your input for the speedway in Benton County?




6/8 – Plymouth

Posted on Tuesday, 11th June, 2013

We were rained out on June 1st, but we were back at it on Saturday June 8th.  We started 2nd in the heat, but we were the first race of the night and the track was a skating rink.  All 6 cars went straight to the wall.  We were letting off the throttle at the flag stand and coasting it in to the corner.  I was passed on the last lap when I slid to the wall and finished 4th.  So I started 7th in the feature.  We made our way to the front and was spun in 4 and hit by 3 cars.  After they ripped my rear bumper off, we went racing again starting at the tail.  We made a hard charge up to 4th and passed Don on the white flag lap to take 3rd place.  Our first podium finish of the season.  We have some work to do on the car, but we will be ready for hopefully a decent track next weekend.

Racing – 5/25

Posted on Sunday, 26th May, 2013

Went out for the heat and the Right Rear went flat.  Tried to fix the tire and it went down in the feature as well…  Not the way I wanted the night to end…

Racing – 5/18

Posted on Sunday, 26th May, 2013

With Plymouth having Open Wheel Night, we went to Shadyhill Speedway.  Started outside front row, ran the high side for a few laps nose to nose with the 11.  Then he pushed high and i hit the loose dirt and went back to 5th.  Tried to move back on the high side and finished 6th.

Plymouth – May 11th

Posted on Sunday, 12th May, 2013

We didn’t start the night so well.  We got caught up with another car in the heat due to the ruts.  Wrecker pulled us apart and I finished the heat 5th.  Started 10th in the feature.  Ran up to 3rd for 9-10 laps.  Was pile drived by another driver with 2 to go.  Through me up in the junk.  He and another car passed me.  Could have passed for one more spot but track was rough.  The other driver will get the same driving style as I received assuming we are side by side again.  I guess it is ok to just drive into their door in the corner….  Let’s go racin!

Rough Start to the year

Posted on Saturday, 11th May, 2013

We have ran 3 races and have only finished 1.  The two races at Plymouth have been pretty rough.  The ruts have been about a foot deep in places.  They run the track efficiently, so we will give them some chances to run the new track in and prep it accordingly.  We will be running Plymouth and possibly Kokomo for a while.  Lon was out to help go through the car last night and we found quite a few issues: frame hit, shock, rear brake broke.  We made a quick change for the front bumper to help in future changes(Hopefully we don’t need any).  We are about to load up and head to Plymouth.  This post was forced by Jim Orr since he is in Evansville and wanted to keep up on my racing.  Thanks Jim for making me update things!

2013 Will be a great year!!

Posted on Tuesday, 26th March, 2013

We are bringing on some great sponsors for 2013!  The car is almost 100% complete.  Make sure you get your sponsorship in soon as we will be getting it wrapped from Huston Signs/Eight38 Graphics and pictures from the amazing Dave Mason(  Stay Tuned!

June 23rd at Shadyhill

Posted on Sunday, 24th June, 2012

Started the night with a bad draw.  Started 7th out of 9 cars in the first heat race.  Ran well and won the Heat race.  First place in the first heat had me lined up pretty well for the feature, but they pulled a 4 for the invert.  So I started outside 2nd row.

Started the feature and moved to 2nd.  Ran about 14 laps in 2nd and a weld broke on my rearend with 3 laps to go…  I tried to hold it together but pulled off.  Not sure where I finished, but not a good finish after a great running night.

Second Feature win of the year

Posted on Monday, 11th June, 2012

We won again at Shadyhill speedway on the 26th of May.  All of the races have been updated now.  We had a bad couple of weeks with the transmission, pulling it out 5 times in 2 weeks, but we kept a top 5 finish while staying 2nd in points.

Feature at ShadyHill 5-12-12 – 3 wide finish

Posted on Monday, 14th May, 2012

Have heard from at least 8 people that said this was the best race they have ever seen at ShadyHill..  Can’t wait for the pics…